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15 Best Trekking places near Bangalore

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Trekking is an wonderful outdoor activity in which we immerse ourselves enjoying the beauty of nature around us.Let us take a quick look on Trekking places near Bangalore. You can also visit Scuba diving in grand island

Top 15 Best Trekking places near Bangalore are:

  1. Ramanagara
  2. Nandi Hills
  3. Skandagiri
  4. Anthargange
  5. Savandurga Hill
  6. Devarayanadurga
  7. Makalidurga
  8. Madhugiri
  9. Channarayana Durga
  10. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta
  11. Bheemeshwari 
  12. Kunti Betta
  13. Kumara Parvatha
  14. Mullayanagiri
  15. Tadiandamol


Ramanagara is famed for the silk market and a science trek, and it is popular among both the amateur trekkers and Professional trekkers.

It is also known for rock climbing,bird watching,and an ancient Pattabhi Rama Temple and many others which makes it a perfect spot for Weekend treks near Bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore:50 km

Difficulty level: Moderate to difficult

Highlights:Pitch climbing,fishing in Kanva and Janapada Loka Reservoir

Things to do:Camping,Bird watching,Shopping and Trekking

2.Nandi Hills:

Nandi Hills or Nandidurga is one  of the most popular places for trekking near Bangalore which is located at an altitude of 1.48 km.

One can climb up 1200  steps to reach the mesmeric location “ summer palace of Tipu Sultan ” located on the top.It is a breathtaking location as it offers the views of surrounding hills and Amrita Sarovar.

Distance from Bangalore: 60 km.

Difficulty level: Easy to moderate

Highlights: Palace of Tipu sultan,Most photogenic sunrise from Tipu’s drop

Things to do:Paragliding,Rock climbing,Cycling,Shopping


In Skandagiri, the trek starts from Papagani temple, that can be easily accessed from either Bangalore, or Nandi Hills ,or Chilkballapur town.This is every Trekking Pro’s favorite trek as it challenging enough to complete the trek.This is also known as Kalavara Durga,which is one of the most beautiful trekking places near Bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore: 60 km

Difficulty level:Moderate

Highlights:Camping and Bird Watching

Things to do: Trekking,Fishing,Jet skiing


This trail is a combination of trekking and cave exploration, as it is a 3 km long journey that takes you Volcanic rocks,boulders,caves,tricky trails and some of the most gorgeous vistas.

This is one of the best places for solo trekking near Bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore: 70 km

Difficulty level: Easy to moderate

Highlights: Overnight camping in the caves

Things to do: Trekking,caving And visiting Someshwara temple

5.Savandurga Hill

This is perfect for nature enthusiasts and Adventure lovers and it is one of the most picturesque trekking places near Bangalore.The Karigudda and Billigudda are the two popular trails in Savandurga.

Distance from Bangalore: 70 km

Difficulty level:Easy to moderate

Highlights:old fort of Kempe Gowda

Things to do: Night trek,visit Manchanabele Dam

6. Devarayanadurga :

The Devarayanadurga offers a memeric view  with two temples, Bhoga Narasimha at the base and Yoga Narasimha at the top.This is one of the most charming trekking places near Bangalore for Pilgrims and adventure seekers.

Distance from Bangalore: 70 km

Difficulty level: Moderate

Highlights: Cave festival of Sri Bhoga Narasimha SwamyHighlights include Sri Bhoga Narasimha Swamy’s cave festival.

Things to do: Visit both temples, visit Nijagal fort,trekking


Makalidurga is trekked by adventure enthusiasts as of its serenity and the sight of the ruined fort at the top delights every trekker.This is a moderately difficult trek through granite  hillocks and other vegetation.

It is most visited in between the months of September and February.

Distance from Bangalore: 75 km

Difficulty level: Moderate

Highlights: photography of nature, Lord Krishna temple 

Things to do: Visit Sri Vani Science Park ang Ghati Subramanya temple


Madhugiri is the second-largest monolithic rock after Savanagiri and one of the most offbeat places near Bangalore.This one takes 1&½ hr long trekking duration and can be quite challenging at some stretches. 

Distance from Bangalore: 100m km

Difficulty level: Moderate

Highlights:  On the summit, there are the remains of a Gopalakrishna temple.

Things to do: visit Madhugiri ang Pavagada forts..

9. Channarayana Durga:

Trek to Channarayana Durga to enjoy the rustic beauty of the hills and the ancient Maratha fort located at the top.It can be a challenging trek to be confused with the direction, as there are no proper sign boards.

Distance from Bangalore: 100 km

Difficulty level:Moderate

Highlights: Everything that is situated around the fort makes it a scenic view. The view from above the fort is way more fascinating.

10.Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta

It is located near Kanakapura town. It takes almost one day to complete this trek.


It is located near a village called Mandya in Karnataka. It takes almost 2 days to complete.It takes close to two days to finish.

12.Kunti Betta

It is a hill which is also situated at the location called Mandya in Karnataka. It takes 2 hours to cover the distance of 130 km.

13.Kumara Parvatha

It is a mountain range that is located in the lap of Pushpagiri mountains. These mountains are located at  a place called Kukke Subramanya town that is located in Dakshina Karnataka.


It is located in the Chikkamagalur district. It is stated as one of the highest peak mountain ranges between himalayas and Nilgiris.


It is located in coorg region and state as the second highest mountain in karnataka.

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