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An Ultimate Guide to Recycle Your Custom Popcorn Boxes

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Almost all of the boxes found in the world are made up of cardboard material. There are rare cases found for some other stuff used in crafting customized boxes. The best way to promote sustainability in the current world is to recycle these cardboard boxes. Recycling the packaging boxes would have a positive impact on the environment. If customized boxes manufactured with cardboard material are disposed of after usage it would have a negative impact as it may be a cause of ecological degradation.

Custom popcorn boxes can also be recycled and may also be reused in offices or at homes for different purposes. Reusing a cardboard material may be the instant usage of the same box for different purposes. Such as you can reuse custom popcorn boxes as pencil holders, containers for storing jewelry items, card holders, wall hanging decorations, etc. Recycling may consist of different steps that are performed at special laboratories. Professionals undergo different steps to recycle the cardboard material and craft a new box. This method will reduce waste production and minimize environmental destruction. There are following steps are used to recycle the cardboard boxes:

Sorting and Shredding Custom Popcorn Boxes:

The first step in recycling the packaging boxes is to sort and shred them. It is a preparatory method to prepare the cardboard material for the recycling process. The main cardboard material is sorted and separated from the other paper products. In many cases, tapes are applied on customized boxes and paperboard material is used to fix the boxes firmly. These impurities are separated and shredding is carried out. The shredding of cardboard includes cutting cardboard material into small pieces. it totally depends on the original style and design of cardboard how they are shredded and the sizes of shredded pieces.


In the next step, the shredded cardboard is then further separated. The fibers present in the cardboard are treated to produce pulp. Basically, the shredding is done to break down the cardboard material into the smallest pieces and mix these small patches with water. Some additional chemicals are also added to the mixture so that the fiber content is separated. The mixture then helps to turn the fiber into the slurry which is also known as the pulp of the cardboard boxes. the fibers will become softer and it will become easy to implement further steps for recycling the cardboard material.


After converting the fiber into pulp, it becomes softer and gets a slurry-type appearance. This mixture is then filtered with the use of special tools and the leftover wastes are separated from the mixture. The other leftovers may include tapes, paper pulps, inks, staples, and many other impurities that are found while processing the cardboard material. The separation of these impurities has a major role in preparing the cardboard to get recycled for new box packaging. If any material is left inside the mixture, it may cause difficulty in manufacturing the boxes. This step is specifically performed to enhance the durability of new boxes. 

Adding More Water

After the complete filtration and separating other waste from the pulp, the next procedure starts for recycling. It is time to add more water to make the pulp even softer. The mixture is then pressed and stirred for better consistency. If the cardboard material is thick it will require more water to get softer. So it depends on the type of cardboard being processed in recycling plants. In water, some effective chemicals and useful materials are also added for a speedy result. If corrugated material is under process it would require more time as compared to other ordinary cardboard materials.

Rolling and Drying

After all the required materials are added to the mixture, it is thoroughly mixed to dissolve the chemicals in the pulp. The last step includes rolling and drying of pulp. The softer pulp is then rolled on and large pieces of cardboard are made. These sheets would be used to manufacture boxes and other products that are made up of cardboard. These sheets are then left in drying ducts for drying. This process is highly effective to promote eco-friendly packaging processes.  The same process is effective to use for recycling paperboard material.

Special Tips to Follow

The significant tips that you must know before recycling custom popcorn boxes and Custom Cosmetic Boxes may include the flattening of your cardboard boxes. The boxes must be strictly flat before processing them because folded cardboard could be difficult to treat. The material must be clean and dry as wet cardboard may get further impurities to stick to its structure. Any packaging tapes and decorative equipment should be taken off the boxes so that the recycling procedure goes smoothly and require less time. Any type of box can be recycled in a similar way but the thickness of cardboard may alter the tie duration required for processing.

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