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Car Maintenance Process With Jiffy Lube – Saving Tips

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If you looking for where and how to maintain your car as good as new, you are in the right place. Scroll down to explore the car maintenance process with Jiffy Lube and get some saving tips. 

Where is the best place for the car maintenance process?

Most car owners are confused between choosing a company or a maintenance garage to bring their car back to work. In fact, car manufacturers or car maintenance garages all have their advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the purpose of use and the reliability of the car owner for the most place, the car will be brought there for periodic maintenance of the car.

If car owners choose to have their cars serviced at outside garages – such as Jiffy Lube, they will receive a cheap repair price and flexible workshop locations. With skillful Jiffy Lube mechanics, your car can be repaired perfectly at a reasonable price.

What is the car maintenance process?

In order to be able to use a car for a long time and always operate stably and smoothly, most car owners have to carry out the work of taking the car for regular maintenance by month, year, or according to the mileage limit regulations. Depending on each row of cars, there will be different periodic car maintenance regulations, car owners should follow the user manual to know when to bring the car to Jiffy Lube to “refresh” again.

What is the basic maintenance of a car? Normally, the routine car maintenance process will follow these steps:

Check the oil & oil filter

This process will not take long. The mechanic at the Jiffy Lube will lift the car and remove all the oil drain screws to drain the oil into the tank. Then remove the filter element and check the oil filter for dirt.

After checking the oil filter and cleaning it thoroughly or changing the oil filter (if necessary), the car mechanic will tighten the screws and fill the car with oil according to different types. This depends on the company’s requirements.  

Check and clean the engine air filter

This is the second step in the car maintenance process. If the air filter is damaged, it will greatly affect the operation of the car’s engine system. Therefore, periodically, Jiffy Lube will check this part of the car overall. The staff at the shop will clean the air filter or replace it (if necessary). Depending on the climate and operating environment, car owners may consider proper maintenance of this part of the vehicle.

Check the air conditioner air filter

The air conditioner filter element is responsible for capturing the dirt in the outside air before it passes through the indoor unit and blows cool air into the car space. It prevents damage to the indoor unit and makes sure that the air sources are clean and safe for the car’s occupants. Day by day, the air filter will eventually become a place where a lot of dirt gathers over time.

Test win

Car brakes are an extremely important part of the car maintenance process. It ensures the safety of drivers and passengers when traveling on the road. At Jiffy Lube, the car mechanic will remove the wheel. Then remove the brake to check the father, and check the oil pig. Finally, clean the father if it is dirty, grease the brake battery and then reassemble it as before. 

Jiffy Lube brake pad replacement cost is not too much, so you don’t have to worry. If the car cover is worn out and needs to be replaced, car owners should choose the right ones for the type of car they are using to ensure the right standards and techniques.

Car Maintenance Process By Km

Each car manufacturer will have periodic maintenance requirements for cars according to different times or kilometers. Car owners need to refer to the user manual to ensure a proper and reasonable car maintenance schedule.

After 5000 km or after the first 6 months

Car maintenance the first time after the first 5000 km, car owners should take the car for maintenance to check details such as engine oil, engine air filter, air conditioner filter, brake fluid level, transmission oil, cooling water, glass cleaner… to clean or replace if necessary.

Normally, car owners should change the engine oil because after 5000 km of operation, the engine oil can be mixed with metal chips, which will harm the car when moving as well as reduce the life of the car’s diesel engine.

After 15,000 km or after 18 months

In this second vehicle maintenance, experts recommend that car owners always change the oil filter and rotate the tires if necessary. Then every 10,000 turns the tires once.  

After 30,000 km or after 36 months

After 30,000 km, car owners need to change the engine air filter and air conditioner, because, with this number of kilometers, they have been dirty and clogged quite badly. The engine air filter will affect the operation of the combustion chamber and the air conditioner filter will affect the health of the driver and passengers while sitting in the car.

After 40,000 km or after 48 months

After 40,000 km, car owners should ask car mechanics at service centers to check and replace the fuel filter, transmission oil, differential oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, clutch oil, and coolant for the car. Don’t skip this car maintenance process.

Changing the differential oil is very important, it should be done periodically to ensure that the transmission and differential are lubricated, smooth operation, and help the vehicle’s transmission system always operate at its best.

Brake fluid and clutch oil over a long period of time will be mixed with moisture, causing wear and affecting the working ability of the car’s brake and clutch system. The phenomenon of bottles and cracks is very common in the belt after the car has operated for about 40,000 km, this will reduce the ability of friction, affecting the transmission performance of the engine.

Car maintenance process after 100,000 km

After 100,000 km, it is time to consider replacing spark plugs, brake pads, and car coolant,… In which, the car’s cooling water over a long period of time will be deformed, there are many deposits that affect the system. The engine of the car needs to be completely replaced.

In addition, both new and old cars need to periodically check parts such as dashboard warning lights, tires, batteries, brakes, steering systems, suspension systems, light systems, etc.


Above are the car maintenance process and how much it costs at Jiffy Lube that you can refer to. Follow us and FindCouponHere – the best website to find and save Jiffy Lube coupons for oil changes to avoid spending too much on car maintenance.

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