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One of the most reasons guests love visiting Asian countries is the landrover campaign. With a landrover campaign, it’s easy and doable to shoot pictures from numerous angles. 3 Thar SAM Sand Dunes or Desert park is wherever a Jaisalmer landrover campaign starts. A traveler from the landrover campaign should create a pit stop at SAM Sand Dunes. Another fantastic location to explore whereas on the Jaisalmer landrover campaign is the Padholi sanctuary. return expertise to the landrover campaign for yourself to ascertain the difference!

Jeep Safari Tours

All of our Jeep Safari Tours depart from Rajputana Desert Camp in the Sam Sand Dunes, and you can also enjoy a musical dance programme and a buffet meal there later. All trips are offered on:

excursion for one hour

dinner, and dancing

transportation, food, and a dance

a camping stay of the night

transfers and an overnight stay at a camp

You can find more information about each of these 5 Jeep Safari Tours, including their prices, features, and additional tours like a camel safari, dune bashing, Jaisalmer city sightseeing, and more, below.


Jeep safaris area unit is thought to be the foremost economical and comfy thanks to discovering Jaisalmer’s natural beauty. On the landrover, an additional thorough tour is feasible, and therefore the trip is drum sander and more well-off. {india|India|Republic of Asian country|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} one of the reasons guests love visiting India is the landrover campaign.

Tourists will travel the realm during this vehicle and acquire a clearer read of the stunning surroundings. landrover safaris area unit is the foremost economical and pleasant technique to get the Jaisalmer Thar Desert’s natural splendor. be part of a tour wherever a talented landrover driver can take you on an associate exhilarating ride through the Thar desert. A bumpy, up-and-down, dune ride. The landrover trip is implausibly exciting and thrilling. The landrover permits for an additional thorough tour to be taken. one in every one of the first reasons guests love visiting Jaisalmer is that it’s additional daring. Tourists will travel the realm within the landrover and acquire a clearer read of the beautiful surroundings. The Jeeps used for the campaign area unit are usually four × four vehicles, permitting passengers to get pleasure from the whole journey with the highest down.

activity in Jaisalmer

The second most well-liked activity in Jaisalmer, when the artiodactyl mammal campaign, is the landrover campaign, that well and simply transports you over the Thar Desert’s untouched splendour. Jeeps area unit quicker than camels and supply an exhilarating trip on the sparkling sand dunes. the actual fact that the landrover campaign is the most sought-after activity among tourists who travel to a Jaisalmer desert campaign camp says heaps concerning it. The jeeps used for the campaign area unit are usually forty-four vehicles with associate open prime. Most often, it starts with a visit to Desert park or Fossil Park, then includes a pit stop at the SAM Sand Dunes.


Some Tips to recollect when going on the adventure:


  • Wear a hat, cap, or turban, and convey spectacles and sun blockers.
  • Dress fittingly by swinging on long sleeves, long pants, and boots or sneakers.
  • Keep in mind that the sun becomes hostile in desert areas.
  • Keep your camera’s battery charged; their area unit has several stunning footage to be taken.
  • Don’t forget to hold an electric lamp, towel, toilet tissue, and a primary aid kit.
  • Carrying a heated article of clothing for the night is important for the cold.

Their area unit has several traveler attractions within the Thar desert, however, a pick few stand out and add excitement to your vacation to Jaisalmer.

First tour: an hour-long Jeep safari in Sam Sand Dunes

At the all-inclusive rate listed below, take a one-hour Jeep Safari starting from our desert camp in Sam (Rajputana Desert Camp).

Safari tour cost is Rs. 400 per person and includes the following:

only a Jeep Safari

second tour: Jeep safari tour two: buffet dinner and belly dancing

Enjoy a half-day Jeep safari at the Sam sand dunes, a buffet dinner, and a musical dance performance at our camp for the price listed below.

Safari tour cost is $1000 per person and includes the following:

Sand dunes Jeep Safari
Camp musical programme
suppertime tea in the camp
Rajputana Desert Camp’s buffet meal

Tour 3: Transfers, belly dancing, and a jeep safari

This 8-hour tour includes pick-up and drop-off service from Jaisalmer city (such as your hotel) at the price listed below.

Safari tour cost is $1200 per person and includes the following:

Pickup from Jaisalmer city at 3 PM
Sand dunes Jeep Safari
Camp musical programme
suppertime tea in the camp
Rajputana Desert Camp’s buffet meal
Return to Jaisalmer city between 10 and 11 p.m.


Sam Sand Dunes in the Jaisalmer area unit is a must-see when you’re on a campaign within the desert. it’s a desert region on the outskirts of the Jaisalmer Desert park and a popular resort area in Rajasthan. The Indian Army maintains a sleek, well-maintained route to the dunes, that area unit situated 42–45 kilometers from town.

The dunes, just like the huge desert, area unit at their most stunning at aurora (4-6 am) and sunset (4-7 pm). it’s extremely suggested to travel on a vehicle or artiodactyl mammal campaign since the exciting fantastic thing about nature can fascinate you and provide you with adventures ideal for taking images. SAM Sand Dunes additionally boasts a number of the highest desert camps.

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