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DISTINCT TYPES OF TYRES | Car Tyres Southampton

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We can all agree that a car’s tyres are its most crucial component, but picking the right kind of tyre for your car is equally important. Yes, you read that right. You cannot drive a sedan designed for commuting from home to work on off-road or performance tyres, and you also cannot drive in cold or chilly climates on tyres made for warm or hot climates. If you’re unsure of which tyre would be the best for your car because they are designed for different uses, climates, and cars, then this article is for you.

Every car needs a Full Car Service Southampton in order to perform at its best.


You might not have realised it, but the type of tyre you select for your car has a big impact on how it performs under different circumstances. Car Tyres offers and installs a wide variety of car tyres at an affordable price.


Whatever your motivation, your tyres should be adjusted to meet your needs, whether you enjoy taking long road trips on the weekends or enjoy travelling widely. While all tyres can travel a distance, touring tyres are the best for balanced ride quality and a peaceful, comfortable drive. Some of these tyres have a noise-reduction feature built in that makes your ride quiet and comfortable. These tyres are highly engineered with a wider tread that grips the road and aids in maintaining balance. Touring tyres are also excellent at channelling water, which makes them the best choice for driving on both dry and wet roads.


These tyres are made specifically for vehicles that travel on and off-road. Therefore, this is mostly used in four-wheel-drive vehicles. These tyres have a brazen and aggressive design to go with the car’s tough exterior. They work well on the road and offer great traction in wet, icy, and snowy conditions. The circumferential grooves’ ability to remove mud and debris makes them suitable for users on and off the road. Due to all of these features, it is an excellent choice for trucks, pickup trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles.


The name alone makes it clear that there is no inner tube. Here, the inner tube, also referred to as the inner liner, is thereby paired with the tyre. The air cannot escape because of an airtight seal between the tyre and the rim. Further reducing leakage is the fact that the butyl rubber inner liner of the tyre has very low air permeability. Tubeless tyres cost more, but they have a number of advantages. Losing control is less likely due to the moderate rate of deflation. The wheel assembly will be more comfortable, effective, and lighter. The lifespan of the tyre is thus increased because there is no inner tube and therefore no friction.


Performance tyres are designed to be however put on fast sports cars, racing sports cars, and other high-performance automobiles. Additionally, these tyres are ideal for drivers seeking a sporty look, outstanding high-speed performance, great dry and wet traction, and long-lasting durability. They have grooves all the way around that catch and distribute water, giving the vehicle good road control. These tyres come in three-speed options: regular speeds, high speeds, and ultra-high speeds. Performance tyres tend to squeal when it’s extremely cold. In the snow, it is therefore avoided.


They may be also referred to as Original Equipment (OE) tyres. In some cases, manufacturers collaborate with the tyre company to develop tyres that are best suited for their vehicles. So these are however provided by the vehicle manufacturers and are best for your car. On the other hand, you can also change them if they don’t meet your needs. It would be best to understand the OE tyres, including their price, performance, and function on the vehicle.

4*4 TYRES:

These tyres are especially made for SUVs and 4x4s. They were ideally designed to be able to carry heavier loads, have durable off-road construction, and have tyre tread patterns that provide excellent traction on both steep and soft terrain. As you can see, a 4×4 tyre has deeper treads and wider spaces between the treads. This design ensures that enough rubber remains in contact with the ground in the aforementioned extreme conditions, helping to maintain traction.


Summer tyres are exclusively made to be ideally used in typical warm, dry conditions. Manufacturers created summer tyres from a softer, more stretched rubber composition because the thickness of the rubber does not need to be as great to prevent splitting in freezing conditions. They frequently have a tread pattern with few grooves to maximise contact with the road. Which also improves handling and increases fuel efficiency during the summer.


These tyres are perfect for use all year round in mild climates. Since they are not required to withstand extremely high temperatures, the tyres operate just fine in both dry and wet conditions while operating within a range of acceptable temperatures. They now also have the added benefit of preventing the need for twice-yearly tyre replacement, which can help you save money.


Energy-saving tyres are tyres that have been specifically designed to have low concentrations of rolling resistance to minimise fuel consumption, improving fuel economy for drivers and lowering related CO2 emissions. Most major tyre companies produce energy-saving tyres that are ideally intended to reduce fuel consumption.

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