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Mary Heinz
Mary Heinz
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Facebook offers a wealth information that you won’t find anywhere else, even Google. (followers on facebook)They made several attempts to make search work. But, experts believe that they have succeeded in their latest attempt.Facebook’s goal is to be the “go-to place” for current news and real-time here

Facebook Search isn’t quite Google yet

Google remains the search engine of choice for daily queries. It’s important to note that Google is not the only search engine for daily queries.

These are some of the most common search queries that you might use across multiple social networks every day:

  • Pinterest Search: 2 Billion – Pinterest blog
  • Facebook Search: 2 Billion – TechCrunch

What is the purpose of Facebook’s search engine optimization?

Facebook’s main motivation for focusing on expanding search is its desire to increase ad revenues.

Facebook has stated that they are running out ad space, despite the fact that they make a lot of money on ads – almost 6 billion in Quarter 1 2016.

Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) is hinting at a future strategy for search monetization.

There is a reasonable amount there (Facebook Search), which is searching for things that could be monetizable over time or have commercial intent.

Google has clearly shown that search can make money. Facebook must now decide if they are able to create a viable monetization strategy around real time conversation content within their search index.

Facebook Search: Find People and Posts That Matter Most to You

  • People use Facebook to see what their friends are doing.
  • Twitter search is the best place to find information about live events and breaking news. Similar information is now available on Facebook.
  • Twitter is facing trouble because of Facebook’s renewed focus upon search.

While queries like “dentist” and “burrito”, may result in recommendations from your friends, Facebook search wants you to be able to find all kinds of public conversational content.

You can search using:

  • People
  • Posts
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Places
  • Pages
  • Groups
  • Apps
  • Events

You can also search for likes, interests and times, as well as other categories.

What role does Facebook Mobile play in Facebook Search?

This is a staggering fact: 54.2 percent of Facebook’s 1.6 billion active users use Facebook mobile. Facebook has made billions of posts accessible on its mobile app.

This way, when you’re hungry, and you’re looking for a fun place to grab a bite, you can ask your friends where they are.

If you are looking for friends in a specific geography, you can search for “friends who reside in” and enter the name of the country, the city, or any other relevant geographic parameter.

Facebook Search: Find People in a Specific Geography

How do you optimize Facebook Search?

1 – Post Timely Info

Past: To see your updates in the past, I had to follow you.

Present: Based on your privacy settings, I could surface your updates using Facebook search.

Facebook allows public posts to be included in search results. This means that if you are looking for information on a trending topic or event, you will likely see results from people other than your more

It is important to remember how Facebook fans use it. They want to be:

  • Animated
  • Find the most recent news
  • To find out where their friends are
  • Where they were taken

This information should be reflected in your Facebook updates.

TrackMaven’s study shows that posts of 80+ words get 2x the engagement.

Facebook users love to read! This gives you more opportunities to include relevant keywords within your updates.

2 – Add Photos and Videos

You can search Facebook for results in four categories: Top, Latest People, People and Photos. This means that compelling photos increase the chance of being noticed.

Don’t forget to include video posts on Facebook. Video posts are 135% more organically reachable than photos followers on facebook

3 – Optimize your Facebook Page

Although your Facebook page may not appear in search results, it is a good idea to maintain order. If you do appear in a search query and that user clicks on your posts, you want a great first impression.

For more Facebook optimization tips, see the following:

  • Facebook Cover Photo Tips: Make sure you have the right size to fit your mobile device.
  • Examples of Facebook bios: Use keywords to create a Facebook bio.
  • Call to action: Make it easy to visit your site and add their email address.

4 – Take part in popular conversations

Facebook stated that “When a link is shared widely on Facebook it often anchors a fascinating public conversation.” Users can jump into conversations by clicking on the links that are most popular.

Participating in discussions about your niche will increase the chances of you being found in search results.

5 – Use Facebook Instant Articles

Furthermore, 50% of their users use Facebook mobile. Instant Articles could be a ranking factor.

Facebook says Instant Articles allow any… “publisher tell great stories that load quickly to people around the world.”

Facebook wants users to stay on the platform, so they will give preference to businesses that use Instant Articles.

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