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Google Heading Tags Are Strong Signal for SERPs

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Heading tags are the outline of your content. These HTML tags and these tags indicate the headings of the content on a web page. The H1 tag is the biggest heading of the web page. It is also the most important heading of the content. It represents the title or name of the piece of content that you have presented on a specific web page. You should use only one H1 tag for one web page. You should also use H2, H3 and H4 heading tags in your content. These heading tags are decreased in size and importance. Heading tags are a strong signal for SERPs.

Which Are The Best Heading Tags To Use?

Google’s John Mueller has given a big statement about the heading tags. According to him, heading tags send a strong signal about the content of a web page. John Mueller has given answers to all the questions relevant to the heading tags. Someone has asked which is the best heading tag for the SEO of a website. According to him, all the heading tags are important for the SEO of a website. Google will rank your website regardless of the types of heading tags that you are using in your content.

How Heading Tags Are Helpful?

If we listen to the follow-up statement about the ranking of a website, we will know that he had asked that heading tags will not only help to increase the ranking of a website but these heading tags are an essential ranking factor. Anyhow, he has also stated that websites can also get higher rankings in search engines without heading tags. When you do competitor research, you will see practical examples of websites that are getting higher ranks in Google without using heading tags. Its reason is that heading tags is one of the ranking factors for the website. There is a possibility that this website has utilized other ranking factors more effectively.

When we do competitive research and find these kinds of results, we think that heading tags are not the ranking factor for a website or heading tags don’t have enough importance for the SEO of a web page. Someone has asked about the importance of H1 tags for the higher ranking of a website. John Mueller has stated that H1 tags don’t have critical importance in increasing the ranking of a website. In his video, he has given enough importance to other heading tags. He is saying that other heading tags are a great signal for the improvement of the ranking of a website in the SERPs. If you use these heading tags properly, these heading tags will provide a strong signal about the content of the specific section of a web page. John Mueller has also said that these heading tags are also important for image SEO on a web page.

How To Use Heading Tags?

From the above discussion, we can conclude that headings are one of the most important signals to improve the ranking of a website. By using headings in the content of a web page, we can send a strong signal to the search engines about the content of the specific section of a web page. You can use any kind of heading in the content of your web page. All the headings will send a strong signal about the content of a web page to Google. As a result, Google will increase the ranking of your website. While using headings in the content of a web page, you should keep in mind that these headings should be appealing to the viewers. If these headings are appealing to the viewers, they will spend more time on your website. This thing will decrease the bounce rate of your website. The decreased bounce rate of a website is also an essential ranking signal for a website.

Why Google Is Giving Importance To Heading Tags?

After knowing the importance of heading tags in the ranking of a web page, a question comes to our minds why these heading tags are important to us? These heading tags are important for us in the following ways as shared here by a dissertation help firm;

Give Your Content Structure:

Headings tags are the best ways to improve the structure of your website. By reading the heading of an article, a viewer clicks on the link to your website. After entering your article, if he finds a giant paragraph without headings, he will immediately leave your website. He will try to find another website which is providing the same information in the form of small paragraphs and he has properly used headings. Therefore, by using headings, you can provide a better look at the content of your web page.

Improve Accessibility:

The use of heading tags in the content of your website is also helpful to improve the accessibility of your website. These headings will tell the search engines how to display content on the screen. It will also provide an idea to the search engines on how to show content to visually impaired readers. These headings can also enhance the navigation of a web page. The readers can easily navigate through the website from one heading to another heading. You might also like to read about the MetaTrader platform.

Enhance Readability:

As a content writer, you should know how to grab the attention of the readers and how to keep them focused on the web page. The use of heading tags is the best way to grab the attention of the readers and to make them focused. Before starting the content writing process, you should craft unique and SEO-aligned headings. You can also make use of various tools to craft these headings.

These are the most important benefits of using heading tags in the content of a web page. While using headings in the content of a web page, you should also try to adjust your focused keyword or a synonym of the focused keyword. When you adjust your keyword in the heading tags, search engines will rank your web page against this keyword.

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