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Google Helpful Content Update: A Proper Recap

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Nauman Muhy u Din
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Google’s helpful content update was the main focus of the SEO industry. There are a lot of articles, reports and countless social media posts that have spread the word that Google searches are becoming more helpful. 

You can discover over 180,000 pieces of content in Google searches that deal with the update, with 18,900 in Google News worldwide. 

However, a professionally conducted product PR campaign is also an excellent example of a google helpful content update. Recently, Google started rolling out new guidelines to give users original and genuinely helpful content. Let’s look at that. 

Google helpful content update

What Is Google’s Helpful Content Update?

On Sept 9 (2022), Google provided a list of questions you can ask yourself about your content. You can read questions as we posted over here, and honestly, ask yourself if your content is in sync with this update. 

To help SEOs and websites better prepare for this update, in this article, we decided to describe some guidelines that may help SEOs and site owners better navigate the google helpful content update.

The Key Factors Are:

  • Try to deliver high-quality content
  • Make sure that your content fulfils user expectations. 
  • Don’t make content for search engines.
  • Withdraw unhelpful content from your website
  • You must follow the guidelines of Google. 

First, let’s dive into quick facts for this Google helpful content update.

  • Google’s helpful content update strives to help users find more useful content when searching with Google. As you already know, google looks to reward high-quality content that humans wrote to help people.
  • This update presents a new sitewide signal, meaning the update will not be applied to individual pages but the entire website. 
  • Google’s algorithm automatically drank unhelpful and irrelevant content and promoted “people-first” content.
  • This is an ongoing, automated, sitewide ranking signal that knows the difference between content that’s helpful to users and content designed to appeal to search engines and rank highly. 
  • Google’s helpful content update improves search results’ quality and gives greater visibility to content writing.
  • So if your site contains unhelpful content or does not satisfy user expectations, this update could flag your site. 

Here Are Some Helpful Tips To Write Content That Stays Relevant.

  • Try to write interesting & informative content to target more audiences. 
  • Just try to write 100% original content; don’t be tempted to copy and paste from multiple sources. 
  • You can also use artificial intelligence tools to improve your work and increase productivity. AI-powered text visualisation to convert your ideas into an actual picture.
  • This update rewarded websites that provide users with a satisfying experience. It indicates that you should provide quality content that fails to meet a visitor’s expectations.

Google Describes Helpful Content As Content That: 

  • Designed for a specific audience or user. 
  • Answers to the specific questions which were asked by the audience or reader segment. 
  • Meets the expectations of the user.

Warning Signs Of A Search Engine 

Google provides a lot of questions that you can ask yourself to figure out whether they’ll run afoul of the looming update or not. Below we have mentioned some of these questions for you. So if you answer “Yes” to all these questions, then you must be rewarded by Google. 

  • Is your content designed for people to enhance their experience?
  • Are you writing tons of content or covering various topics to improve your visibility or rankings in Google’s search results?
  • Are you using AI content or automation services to create content across various topics?
  • Are you concluding what others have to say without adding much value?

Google Helpful Content Update: Wrapping Up

According to Google, the update removes unhelpful content. Google algorithms know the difference between content written for searchers and content written for the search engine. Google strives to reward content that gives the user a satisfying experience. If you use such tools as you update your content in a new way, then you have to remember two things. First, you have to use the Quillbot / Paraphrasing tool so that new content emerges. And secondly, with the help of the Grammarly tool, the grammatical errors in the content will be corrected, so you get high readability. And it’s 100% certified. But this does not mean that you should be careless in the matter of content. Content is king. This is a very important part of your web page. It’s just a trick.

It demotes content written only for search engines. For this, Google not only looks at the quality of your content to determine its value but also at what you do on the rest of your site. This update introduces a new sitewide signal essential for ranking web pages. 

On top of that, google’s helpful content update helps your site improve and ensures that the most relevant pages rank. So if you see that the current update has hit your content, take it as a challenge to improve.

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