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How to Make Sales with Unique Thanksgiving Gift Boxes

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On Thanksgiving Day, selling your gift products can be quite challenging as many brands are competing in the market. You need to give your gift products an attractive presentation to get the customers’ attention for this Custom Gift Boxes is the best choice. Well, the good news is that you can do this by designing your unique Thanksgiving gift boxes with your own ideas. So let’s see what you can do to these boxes to boost your sales without any hassle!

Add a Special Look to Your Custom Gift Box Packaging with Silver or Gold Foiling

Customers make all decisions before purchasing a product by seeing its appearance. In order to catch their attention, your gift products should look more exclusive than the others. You should apply a beautiful coating option to your custom gift box packaging here.

You can try the silver or gold foiling technique to make the box look more elegant and classy. Even better, you can combine these amazing coating options with your packaging design. How?

  • Apply the black color to your box and polish it with the gold foiling technique
  • Use silver foiling on blue-colored packaging
  • Combine the gold foiling technique with an embossed or debossed logo

Customers will never hesitate to take your books home when they see how special your packaging box is.

Make a Big Difference with Attractive Thanksgiving Gift Boxes

The fact is that the more unique your product is, the more customers will love to purchase it. Now we know that customers can easily find various Thanksgiving gifts they want in the market. So how can you turn those heads around your gift products?

Having attractive Thanksgiving gift boxes can make a big difference. To make the boxes look more appealing, you can add a personal touch to further engage those customers.

For instance, you can try some creative tips below!

  • Use trendy font styles to make your boxes easier to read
  • Apply extravagant color combinations that grab the attention
  • Design your boxes with your branding theme in mind
  • Choose the latest in digital and offset printing for the finest results

Remember that an exclusive display reflects the highest quality products. The more exclusive your gift products look, the higher quality those customers will love to bring them home.

Add Giveaways to Make Your Customers Happier

Promotional gifts are the best idea to make your customers happier and return to your brand. The same can be done on this memorable Thanksgiving Day.

For example, you can offer your customers attractive offers such as:

  • Discount vouchers for future purchases
  • Small gift items such as hairpin, keychain, and so on
  • Beautiful gift cards that will make your customers smile

Whatever giveaways you give your customers this Thanksgiving, know that they will not hesitate to recommend your brand to others. Yes, this marketing tactic is worth a try!

Make Your Boxes Eco-Friendly

Well, this is actually one of the smartest options you can try. Making your custom gift box packaging green makes it easier to get maximum attention. Modern customers are more environmentally conscious than ever before. Thus, if you can show that your gift products are eco-friendly, they will be more than happy to purchase from you. Why?

Because people today want to know they are helping save the planet.

After all, eco-friendly products always catch the eyes of customers in the market. Most importantly, you should not forget to inform your customers that your packaging is environmentally friendly. 

For this, you can try to applying the followings:

  • Apply a custom label that mention that your packaging is recyclable
  • Write ‘Go green with this packaging!’ to inform your customers

Well, with the inventions of digital and offset printing methods, you can print literally anything you want and need on your packaging. By printing your packaging, you can make more sales while creating a healthier and greener environment.

Measuring the Exact Size of Your Boxes Is Important

It is important to place your gift products in the exactly sized Thanksgiving gift boxes. Not only will this help you present your gifts more convincingly to customers. In addition, packing your exceptional products in boxes with inappropriate sizes can damage your gift products. Eventually, the boxes can impair the quality and shape of your products.

Moreover, presenting your products in the right boxes helps build more trust. Well, no one wants to receive a big package just to find a small gift inside. By gaining the trust of those customers, it will be easier to increase sales for your brand.

Wrapping Up

Without any doubt, there are many ways to boost your sales with bespoke Thanksgiving gift boxes. You can express anything through the boxes without limiting your creativity. Ultimately, you can make your gift products stand out and make your business even more appealing. If you’re ready to start selling more through your boxes, contact Instant Custom Boxes today!

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