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Issues That Your Tyres Face During Their Lifespan

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Issues That Your Tyres Face During Their Lifespan

The role of tyres is very crucial. Car tyres keep the vehicle stable on roads. Moreover, tyres ensure that you drive your vehicle comfortably on roads with proper handling and road safety.

Your car Goodyear Tyres Loughborough runs on roads. Therefore, they face normal wear and tear in comparison to other components of your vehicle.

You may observe various problems occurring in your car tyres from time to time during their lifespan.

In this blog, we will discuss the most common issues that your car tyres face.

Improper air pressure:

Your tyres may run on roads with low or high air pressure and you do not consider them for a long time. If you do not check the air pressure in your tyres, they will face a lot of related issues. For example, your tyres will face serious wear and tear due to the wrong inflation level.

If the tyres are over-inflated, your tyres will face treadwear in the middle area of the tyre. On the other hand, under-inflated tyres will face wear and tear on the outer and inner edges.

Tyres with improper air pressure would not make correct contact with the road surface. In this condition, you will drive your vehicle with either a large or shrunk contact area. Both are not ideal for proper handling and driving comfort.

Cracks and cuts:

If you see cracks and cuts on the body of your tyres, it means that they are ageing. Cracks on the rubber material indicate that the rubber material is old and brittle. It is unable to provide better grip and traction to the car tyres. Therefore, change your tyres whenever you observe cracks on their body.


Bulges may take place on the sidewalls of your tyres. These structures occur when the tyre hits a pothole or hard object. The internal structure of the tyre faces serious damage due to the hit and this damage will be visible in the form of a bulge on the sidewall.

Do not try to repair bulges when you observe them on the sidewall of your tyres. The only solution that is available is getting the tyres changed.


You should change your tyres after a certain time. Most tyre manufacturers recommend that you should change your car tyres after 6 to 10 years. After this limit, your tyres enter the danger zone. However, if you maintain your tyres properly, they may serve your car for a long time but only to a certain limit. After that, you need to change to a new set of tyres.


You would not find even a single car driver that is not aware of this issue. Tyres often face punctures when a hard and sharp object pierces the body of your car tyres. As a result, the affected tyre loses air pressure and finally becomes flat.

You can easily repair punctures if the puncture is not situated in the sidewall area or it is not too large or deeper. Tyre repair kits are available in the market and you may call a mobile tyre fitting service as well.


Your tyres may explode at any time when you are on the road. Blowouts take place due to multiple reasons like heat, friction, low or high air pressure, impact damage and faulty structure of the tyre.

Blowouts are different from punctures since the rate of deflation is faster in the condition of a blowout. Moreover, you cannot repair the burst area. You have to change your tyre immediately.

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Decreasing tread depth:

Tyres come with proper tread depth but over time, they wear out due to road and weather conditions. you cannot stop this process. However, proper maintenance will slow down the process but your car tyres are going to become bald sooner or later.

No repair work is possible for this condition. When you observe your tyres are balding, change the present set of tyres instantly.

If you do not change your balding tyres, you will face poor grip and traction on roads. Moreover, frequent incidents of punctures and blowouts will take place as well.

Changing temperature:

Your tyres respond to high or low temperatures. The rubber material of tyres will become hard in cold conditions and it will become extra soft due to heat in the environment. Tyre manufacturers try to bring this condition into balance by increasing or decreasing the softness of tyres. For example, they make extra soft winter tyres that maintain optimum softness in freezing temperatures.

Finally, tyres are going to face these problems. The rate of wear and tear is slow in high-grade tyres and it will be faster in Cheap Tyres Loughborough. Therefore, buy a new set of tyres according to their features and your driving goals.

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