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18 Unexpected Uses for Mineral Oil for Fabies

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Mineral oil, although it is often criticized, is a key ingredient in many households, health, and gardening products. It’s versatile. These are just a few of the many uses for mineral oil can have.

1. Use it as a Fragrance-Free baby oil

Baby oil is a mineral oil that has an added fragrance. You can save money on cradle caps treatment by using food-grade mineral oil instead. While mineral oil can be used as a substitute for baby oil, it should not be used in place of mineral oil. The fragrance added to baby oil is not edible and can cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

2. Reduce Rashes

Mineral oil, along with cradle caps, can be used to prevent diaper rash and soothe other skin irritations such as skin cuts from radiation therapy.

3. Oil-based Makeup Can Be Removed

Oil can be used to remove grease paint and theatrical makeup. Mineral oil can also be used to remove makeup without irritating the delicate skin around your eyes. This oil can also be used to condition brows and eyelashes making them less susceptible to breaking.

4. Moisturizer

Mineral oil is not a cause of acne and blackheads, contrary to popular belief. Because its molecular structure makes it difficult to penetrate pores, mineral oil moisturizes the skin by creating a barrier that keeps moisture in and prevents dry air from getting out.

5. Protect your skin from freezing weather

To prevent chapping, arctic explorers of old avoided washing their faces. Mineral oil provides a strong barrier against the elements and is an excellent product for protecting exposed skin in cold environments.

6. Soften Cracked Feet

Are your heels super dry? To keep your skin soft and free from cracks, slather mineral oil on your feet at night. To keep your sheets clean, cover your oily feet with socks.

7. Temporary tattoos can be removed

On Monday morning, what was funny Friday night at the club turned out to be a disaster. Use a rag to rub mineral oil onto it.

8. Take off oil and latex paint and primer from your skin

To remove the paint spots from your skin, use a mineral oil-dipped rag to gently rub them in a circular motion. You can also rub the paint specks off your skin by Uses for mineral oil before you start painting.

Important note: This is why latex condoms and mineral oil are bad ideas. If you use barrier-style latex birth control, do not use mineral oil for personal lubricants.

9. Earwax should be removed

For up to five nights, place a few drops of body-temperature mineral oil in your ears before you go to bed. After the wax has melted, rinse your ears with warm water. This can be done by simply tilting your head in the bathtub. Then, turn your head so that the wax can drain. Use a low-speed hair dryer to dry your ears.

10. Treat Ear Mites in Dogs

Mineral oil is an effective way to kill ear mites in dogs. Mineral oil kills the mites by trapping them. However, it can also be used to loosen hard earwax or buildup that could cause discomfort in dogs. You can use an eyedropper for several drops of oil to be injected into each ear. Instead of sticking an eyedropper in each ear, use a massage to get the oil into the canals. Be aware that your dog may want to shake its head. You can also use the bathroom to wipe off any oil or ear wax.

11. Kill Aphids

This homemade spray is made with dishwashing liquid, water, and mineral oil. It zaps spider mites as well as aphids from my tomato plants.

12. Take out the wax and gum from your hair

Peanut butter is too expensive to waste on hair-related gum injuries. Use mineral oil to massage the gum. Continue working the oil until the gum is completely removed. Mineral oil can also be used to remove stubborn wax residue if you can wax your bikini line.

13. Beach Tar

My husband was raised in Santa Barbara, where tar-covered feet are a common sight. Mineral oil is his favorite tar-removal solution. Use old paper towels or rags to apply mineral oil and then place the homemade wipes in a Ziploc bag. This tar removal kit can be stored in your car kit or beach bag.

14. Ouch-Free Bandage Removing

Apply mineral oil to the bandage. Start at the outer edge of the bandage and work your way down, using more oil as necessary.

15. Stickers should be removed

Mineral oil can be used to remove glues from nonporous surfaces. It can be used to remove price tags on dishware and furniture. You can also use it to remove bumper stickers from cars without damaging their paint jobs.

16. Laxative

Mineral oil may not be the most delicious laxative, but it is better than not pooping. Mineral oil can be used as a stool softener and as a laxative. It makes it more difficult for your intestines to pull out the stool water. Mineral oil is inexpensive and effective but should not ever be used to treat constipation in children under six years old or those who are severely ill.

17. Wood Conditioner

Most commercial lemon oil furniture polishes contain only mineral oil and a lemon scent. You can get the same look with plain old mineral oil without adding any smell.

18. Season Wood Cutting Boards and Kitchen Tool

Oil-treated wood is cleaner. Dry wood can develop tiny cracks that are a great hiding place for bacteria. Use mineral oil to protect your wood cutting boards, utensils, and salad bowls. Apply oil again until the wood is unable to absorb more. Use a rag to remove excess oil. Mineral oil is a superior wood-cooking oil because it doesn’t go rancid like vegetable or olive oils.

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