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What Are The Most Common Mistakes in Designing an Office Space

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Insufficient natural light

Natural light is among the main factors that determine our performance. Humans are made for exposure to light and to work at our best when we receive ample amounts of it. One of the most significant issues in offices is the lack of exposure to natural light that offers employees. If an office isn’t equipped with windows or roof lights, motivation canvas photo printing quotes as well as other equipment, office workers are not getting enough daylight, which could affect their productivity.

Insufficient natural light could be a cause of anxiety, depression, mood, and various health problems among the occupants.


It’s essential to make sure that your workplace has ample windows as well as other glass structures. If you’re planning to remodel your office space, consider incorporating sunlight as much as feasible through the installation of windows as well as eliminating partitions.

If you’re leasing an office but cannot make significant changes, you should consider an office space that is equipped with glass. Increase the amount of light that enters the interior by putting workstations that are located around the glass.

Take into consideration the circadian rhythm of humans when installing light fixtures like the color of the light as well as the temperatures of light and the appropriate light levels. They can be extremely helpful in making use of the democratic nature of light.

Improper Space utilization

Well-designed office space is essential nowadays, particularly among the younger generation, gen the z generation. They would like to work in an office that is enjoyable and will also take care of their physical health and overall well-being.

One of the primary reasons for relocating offices or redesigning them is the absence of efficient office space usage. Offices that aren’t designed according to the users who use them, or there is no variety in the type of space, can result in low utilization of workspaces. The lack of private space or space for collaboration and inadequate workplace space utilization could hinder the efficiency of your employees, resulting in lower satisfaction.


Workplace space analysis The process of conducting a workspace space analysis will assist you in understanding the utilization of space within your office. It can help you comprehend the features of design that complement your office space and help you unlock the space that is not being utilized. Convertible space is the latest fashion. They enhance the space, making the most of every inch. For example, if huge meeting rooms are utilized for meetings with a maximum of two people, You can then transform them into smaller booths to maximize space.

Workplace consulting involves knowing people’s preferences, their needs and their choices, as well as analyzing the usage of space and then coming up with data-driven solutions.

Distractions in the auditorium

Imagine being in a peaceful state of mind only to hear an abrupt, jarring sound interrupting your focus. This could be the case if auditory distractions were not addressed in offices. The constant noise level can cause a distraction for many employees and may hinder productivity.

An office that doesn’t block out the noise of loud machinery or employees could decrease effectiveness. The frequency of the noise is another factor in the realm of office noise. Regular noises like the sound of a clock ticking are much easier to adapt to than the jarring, irregular sound of an electronic device or a person’s voice. While offices that have an open floor plan look attractive from a visual perspective, not having the space to be quiet could be quite distracting for the majority of people.


The most effective strategies to minimize noise are dependent on the specific office layout; there are some options that are able to be utilized in various scenarios. If the issue is on the foundational level, i.e., there are too many employees working in the same space or working with noisy equipment such as a computer, then installing a noise-dampening device is recommended. It is a great idea to add soundproofing to your workplace.

Introduce basic elements such as carpets, acoustic boards and cloud ceilings in your workplace. They can help reduce noise levels to a large degree, which leaves a positive employee mood.

Separating rooms for work in solitude or creating the highly-popular “pods” to create quiet areas could be a solution. Encouragement of employees to utilize the spaces more often to get their needs met will also boost the morale of employees. Once you have figured out where the noise originates, you can put them in distinct spaces where you are less likely for them to disturb other employees.

Visual Distractions

We all are aware that we don’t have to work during the 9-5 hours during which we work. There are many breaks, such as break times for coffee, breaks during lunch or even a few minutes to look out the window and so on. These short breaks allow you to recharge and help you get through your day effortlessly. If something keeps you out of sight frequently or intermittently, it could be a cause for concern.

When you’re dealing with visual distractions, it’s difficult to determine what is causing the problem and what design elements create problems.

There could be mistakes that are easily identified like

1. A wall or artwork that’s too big for the surface could be drawing all attention.

2. Workstations that could be receiving the most traffic because of their position and location.

3. Glass in offices could result in everyone seeing what other people are doing.

4. Screens or televisions in the workstations’ front.


It is essential to conduct an examination of all visual elements that may cause distractions after you’ve identified them and are able to identify solutions.

Be sure that the workstations and desks are set in a manner that they don’t create an obstruction to employees. Think about using partitions to create a barrier between workspaces, ensuring privacy between desks.

In the case of visual aspects, you should make sure that colors aren’t too loud and appear subtle to the eyes.

Screens must be removed from workplaces since they could be a distraction that is not needed. Screens can be placed in canteens, meeting rooms or other places where people typically work together.

Culture gap

A workplace that isn’t inspiring could make you feel like an unfit culture member. If your workplace doesn’t promote an environment that is healthy or has a sense of community could affect the productivity of its workers. While many people view perks as workplace culture, office layouts can be used to help people feel comfortable as part of a group.

Since companies are returning to work post-covid office hours, they should be viewed as spaces for collaboration and cultural exchange.


Each company has its own values and culture that should not be written on walls but are incorporated into the workplace.

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