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The MOT, or Ministry of Transport test, is an essential step in ensuring that the vehicles on UK roads continue to maintain a minimal level of roadworthiness. It was first introduced in 1960, and today in the UK, it is an essential component of operating and maintaining a car.

The number of individuals visiting garages to have their cars MOT has increased significantly since the government’s MOT extension, which is essential personnel mobile during the coronavirus crisis, has expired. But what precisely is it, and why do we require one? Find out now.

Vehicles older than three years have a MOT, or maintenance examination, once a year. A certified MOT tester will carry out the procedure, paying close attention to the vehicle’s brakes, lights, and even the windshield wipers. They’ll also run an emissions test to make sure the car complies with regulations.

Some components of a car aren’t examined during an MOT Test Newbury, despite the fact that many aspects are. The engine, gearbox, and clutch systems must still be in good operating order even though an MOT tester won’t examine them. If your car can’t get driven onto an inspection ramp by itself, for instance, it will immediately fail the test.

Service Vs. An MOT

It’s crucial to understand that an MOT is not the same as a service s, as an MOT is a legally required procedure that your car must go through a roadworthy test and be safe to drive. An MOT is a visual inspection completed in order to avoid the vehicle being unsafe and prohibited from operating until the problems get resolved.

Especially in comparison to an MOT, service is far more thorough. Professionals replace the levels of your oil, brake fluid, and engine coolant. While some of these items may not change right away if they are low, running out of them might result in serious problems. You may feel secure about how well your car is operating thanks to this.

How Long Does The MOT Examination Last?

Although an MOT test typically lasts between 45 and an hour, you might have to wait longer if your car requires any additional repair. Normally, we’d advise scheduling your car to be out for the entire day in case it needs extra repair.

When My Automobile Passes, What Happens?

When your car passes the MOT test, the test center will give you a pass certificate and record the success in a national database. Additionally, you’ll receive a list of any “minor” or “advisory” problems that need to get examined and fixed in the future.

What Are The Simple Causes Of Vehicles Failing MOT Tests?

Did you know that the majority of MOT tests fail the first time? This is frequently caused by small issues that the owner may have simply rectified earlier. Here are the top five causes of MOT test failures.

The vehicle was filthy or cluttered. Clean up the filth in the trunk and cabin, then quickly wipe the windows and mirrors.

A problem with the license plate. For instance, the plate was dusty or completely missing, or it had the wrong typeface or spacing. Make sure your personalized plate complies with DVLA regulations if you have one.

Make sure that anything adhered to the windshield, such as parking tickets, is outside the wipers’ sweep area.

On the dashboard, there is a lit caution light. Since 2012, the MOT has come with illuminated caution lights. Therefore, before the MOT, make sure you are aware of the significance of any illuminated automobile warning lights and, if any exist, resolve the underlying issue.

What Gets Examined During An MOT?

These components of your car are usually test during an MOT test:

Front, rear, fog, indicator, license plate, and rear reflector lights. Everything must be in good condition, properly positioned, and securely fastened. They ought to display the proper color and not have any negative effects from other lights.

The horn needs to blow continuously and loudly enough for other drivers to hear it.

Battery The battery in your car needs to be solid and not exhibit any electrolyte leakage symptoms.

Should be solid and free from damage that could cause it to come unattached.

The mechanic will examine the steering wheel’s stability as well as any component wear or damage.

Shock absorbers and suspension components will get examined for corrosion, distortion, and suspension cracks.

The vehicle’s tyres must have the proper load rating and pressure. The tread depth must be less than the permitted 1.6mm depth.

To ensure efficiency and effectiveness, the condition of the Brake Repair Newbury as well as the pedals and levers get examined.

Can I Still Drive My Car Away If My MOT Fails?

A garage cannot permit you to go as usual if your automobile fails its MOT and its certificate has expired. However, if your car’s certificate is still in good standing (if it hasn’t yet reached the end of its test certificate’s validity period), and no “serious” flaws have get mentioned against it, you may drive it away.

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